Nina Helleboid

Ethical Business Developper

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Ethletic the fair and vegan alternative to casual sneaker.

Ethletic shoes are made from natural raw materials from sustainably and fairly managed resources: FairTrade certified organic cotton + natural rubber from FSC forests.
0% plastic, 0% animal material.

There are labelled FairTrade by MaxHavelaar, and Peta approved
They are made in Pakistan in fair and humane conditions where the workers, organized in cooperative have a bonus of $ 1 per pair of shoes sold. It is the workers who choose the social action (health care, education, retirement …) to which the money will contribute

My Contribution : business developpment B2B, B2C, client service B2B, B2C, social media management, content translation, partnership, PR.

Les Belles Canailles

Sustainable and sensory bed linen, made in France

Les Belles Canailles is the result of Estelle’ desire, the designer, to create a timeless collection. She produces a slow, sustainable fashion her only temporarlity is to last over time. The collections are timeless.The colors are not chosen because they are trendy but for the emotion they provide.The colors are choosen and created for the soothing and comfort they procure and this feeling will last over time. Same is for the material used: Linen. The more the linen is worn and washed, the softer it becomes without wearing out.
The Belles Canailles bed linen is the promise of a great love story with unique pieces. A story that will last, that will dress the family cocoon, that will be transmitted between children and that will grow with them.
The Les Belles Canailles bedshit grow with those who dream in them.

My contribution : business development,consulting, content creation.