Nina Helleboid

Ethical Business Developper

Who am I ?

A repentant.

Fashion victim repented.

Communication repented

10 years in various communication positions, events, public relation, project management, press, media, digital … within a CAC40 company  have forged my experience.
10 years of meeting and working with inspiring persons who taught me, empowered me, inspired me…to reach where I am now.
And today that means doing morebusiness with a social impact, being authentic and aligned with who I am and my values. The clic did not come by chance, it was a detour that woke me up and gave me a chance to shift.

Life brought me to Pakistan, a transitional and confusing space between the corporate universe and the path of social entrepreneurship.

There, I realized what it means to live in a country where 50% of population did not go to school . And the consequences of this lack of education on development and women condition. I understood there that education was at the same time the problem and the solution.
Today, so many brand that produce in Pakistan (but this apply as well to India and Bangladesh and almost all south east asian country) banned children work.
While living there, seeing children working was the most difficult experience.
I got to realize that banning children from working in factory would not prevent them from working elsewhere.
Above all I realized that for a kid not working would not mean they would go to school.
As long as their parents are so unfairly and poorly paid, children will keep on working to help their parents.
The parents who are so poorly paid and badly treated in textile industry. Wages in textile industry are so low that no parents can afford to send their kids to school.
Not to forget we are talking about countries where education is not free. I used to pay 400$ a month to send my 3 year old child to school in Pakistan.
Of course, there are less expensive school, but when you earn 100$ a month how could you affort to spend 20$ in school fees ?

I often wonder what would it take for such big textile companies to open school next to the factory, where workers’ kids could attend free school education.

This would be impactful to improve life of people who make your clothes.

When I got back to France, I decided to keep doing what I love : fashion and communication.
I do so with my values, following poet Claudia Rankin rhyme “Why are we here if not for each other ?”
Now it’s my turn to embody change, to show the exemple.
Today I am lucky not to be alone, but to be surrounded by fashion creators who share the same spirit and feel as much concern by their impact than their business.
So they are the creator I support, the one who make sense, the dreamers who do and dare to make their dream a reality.
Today as a profession I call my self ethical business developper.