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Business Developper

I support sustainable fashion brands in their business development on the French market.
I am an agent with benefits. The commercial development is the base of my contribution, around which communication, press, social media, strategy goes along with. I am a facilitator to introduce your brand on the French market.
With my knowledge of the French ethical sustainable fashion market,
I can :
Introduce you to the relevant network to develop your visibility.

Integrate you into the main French sustainable marketplaces , apps.

Introduce your brand to the French sustainable fashion label.

Suggest or cocreate your media strategy including traditional fashion media and online new sustainable fashion media and influencers.

Take care your PR campaign, translation and writing as per French media expectation of your press release, sending it out to a dedicated target.

Manage ads campaign negotiated with targeted media

Propose and manage partnerships with media, influencers…

Translate your content from English to French

Create content for your website in French

Introduce your brand to French retailers

Manage your customer service for French clients

Propose solutions for eventual stocking in France for quick delivery

The world need dreamers and the world need doers, but above all the world need dreamers who do.
Sarah Ben Breatchnach


I am convinced that today best communication strategy is transparency and action. Today I no longer  communicate on how a brand wants to be seen. I communicate on what the brand does, its actions, the way it treats its employees and subcontractors, the material it uses, and all its concrete actions to minimize its ecological impact and maximize its social impact.
I believe the brand real actions to create a sustainable alternative in fashion business will be its bests assets to be attractive to consumer and to sell.
This is a virtuous circle, minimizing marketing and concentrating on what we do in real rather than how we want to be seen.
Transparency is the most sincere answer to the logical consumer mistrut in a market filled with social and green washing

The world is changed by your action, not by your opinion. Paul Coelho

Content creator

I write. As a profession and as a hobby. I write about fashion industry. I write for brands. I used to write with the corporate pen in a langage where all slogans sounds alike.
Today I use words carefully : being specific, sincere and engaging.
I write with the conscious that words, when used powerfully, are often the first trigger to take action.
I love to discover the people behind the business, getting to know them sincerely with their real motivation. From this encounters , I find inspiration to draw authentic brand presentation, bridging the business as much as the core value of the people who holds it.

Truth is a word of velvet, wear it everywhere you go.