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  • How I became Business Developper for ethical brands

    Oct 04, 2019

by Nina


Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

From innovation overdose…

I am tired of innovation and transformation.
I’ m on a break from the famous “transformation” . The one I was listening non stop about in the big company.
The kind of innovation that become an endless aim : innovate because you have to, because it’s a must.
Why ? for whom ? does this new app will really change the world ?
Or is just an excuse to communicate about the brand ?
Isn’t it an additonnial marketing tool that will be forgotten about in 6 months, when all the publicity about it will end ?
Every morning I  walk in front of this family living on a piece of cardboard on the pavement of “rue du 4 septembre”, a very chic and business Parisian street. They are a couple and 3 kids, 2 of them are old enough to go to school.
And every morning I calculate the number of people in our 7 floors office building : 120 persons by floor x 7 floors = 840 brains busy making business as usual, busy innovating so that the company keeps its 2 billions benefits.
Sometimes I think about all the energy, mean and cleverness we spend collectively to make us consume more.
What if all this energy, mean and cleverness was used to find solution for common good ?

…to social business

And in the evening after a busy day innovating, I walk again in front of this family and I m overhelmed with doubts : am I screwing my life ?
If at 30 I’ m not working to find “real” solution, to have a social and ecological impact, even a small one at my own scale ?
That must be the feeling of pointless job crisis, the moment were the word of poet Claudia Rankine
“Why are we here if not for each other ?”
echoed in me.
This is the consciousness of the value of time, not the time that passes but the one we go through that pushed me to take action

“As if we could kill time without injuring eternity.”
Henry David Thoreau

So now this is what I am going to do : support ethical businesses, working for social justice, marry business and ethic.
I chose to become business developer, because I believe in actions and I don’t trust words no more :  too many unkept promises, to much of greenwashing.
I believe in action, in doing. I will do it on my own scale. That is how I gave birth to the 1st article of this website.

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