Nina Helleboid

Ethical Business Developper

How do I work ?

I guarantee to work with transparency and sincerity.
Open communication is the key to a fluid relationship, where everyone expresses their needs, their fears and together we adjust so that everyone plays their role with confidence.
I get involved with all my heart and energy in the projects that I accompany, that I choose.
It is above all the people behind the projects that I want to support, to facilitate the development of their project.
I display listening skills, diplomacy, empathy and enthusiasm.
It is within the exchange and conversations that ideas are formed and developed.
Listening is the basis for better understanding the ambitions of my clients and being able to support them according to their wishes and pace.
Therefore, I don’t have a “pack”, according to the people my support goes from prospecting, to coaching, to community management, customer service, translation, networking …
I see myself as a facilitator : both optimistic, head in the clouds with unlimited ideas and also determined, daring and pragmatic with my feet firmly anchored in reality to transform dreams into reality.
The best projects will not last if they do not find their market, if they do not sell or have no source of funding.
I have the firm will to be above all in action : commercial development is the foundation of my contribution, around which communication, the press, social networks, coaching revolve.